Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I love the web proxy at my company. Basically it is useless. At any rate, since I can not use the web interface on Blogger, I've started using ScribeFire at work to publish post. Right now my views about it are mixed. I just have a funny feeling about it because it has the little logo in the top right corner.

Why is that a big deal?! Well ever since we left the era of Netscape Navigator, I haven't seen the logo in the top right corner in some time, except for adware. Therein lays the point. The add-on reminds me of adware. So I'm a little cautious about it.

Also the <br /> in ScribeFire acts weird and sometimes it tries to add a <div> that adds a invisible tracking pixel to my blog. (Which reminds me I've got to go through and make sure I removed them all).

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