Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Best Description of today's computer reporting

With all the tech buzz that is going on these days, there is no end to the number of "reporters" that generate "news" stories about said tech buzz. However, while looking over one of the news stories on a site I found a comment that justly defines what is really going on here.

If next week Steve Jobs called a press conference and sliced his dick off with a silver scalpel in a room full of stunned reporters, I have no doubt that -- not to be outdone -- Sergey Brin would cut off his with a chainsaw on nation-wide TV seven days later.

And no one in the tech punditry -- all happy just to have jobs and something to write about besides the latest PC graphics card -- would question *WHY* these idiots are emasculating themselves, they'd just write tedious "thought" pieces contrasting the metaphors of Job's elegant, shiny castration versus Brin's use of loud horsepower.


Absolutely classic.

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