Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heading on the road, again.

Well.  I'm heading on the road again.  Travel sucks and double much when it is business travel.  The hope is that this round is my last round for a good bit of time, until next year.

At any rate, I've really got to get back to blogging because I enjoyed it so much.

I've had time in the air to think of some little projects that I'd like to do personally on my system.  I'll have to share them when I'm not in the air.  Also, trains suck.  It never fails that I am delayed twenty minutes going to anywhere by a train crossing.  Just yesterday while going from one building to another I wasted forty-five minutes, the break down is as follows:

  1. Rail construction, the construction train was at the crossing on Highway 11.  Wasted 23 minutes.
  2. Slow moving train coming back via different route.  Wasted 17 minutes.
  3. What the heck! A mostly unused train track is being used to move cargo into a rail-yard. Wasted 9 minutes.
That last one was just to spite me.  I think CSX personally has a vendetta out on me.

Well I'm off.  Cheers!

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