Monday, November 01, 2010

Been gone for a while.

Well it's sad but I've been a way for a bit, at least blogging.

As you may know, Oracle bought out Sun and pretty much every Java community that was started by Sun and was still under Sun's wings during the last days have all abandoned Oracle. I don't blame them.

So I heard from friends, "So are you going to continue to develop using Java?"

The answer is of course. The JVM and the Java platform is not entirely Oracle's, they do have leadership over the core but the community of Java projects still exist, just no longer listening to Oracle. Oracle is slowly loosing the Java community and with it the fresh ideas that the community has produced, such as JSF 2.0 and EJB 3!

In the end Oracle will be playing catch up and Java's core will suffer but the community which has driven Java development for the last ten years will still stay strong. It's a shame because ideas from the community were actually being placed into the core Java spec towards the end of Sun's days.

Java as a platform isn't dead, the Java community isn't dead, just our relationship with Oracle. It's a shame that the bottom dollar is the only thing that they seem to think about but it's their bloody company and they can run how they please.

So what about Oracle's contributions to the open source world?

If you head over to Oracle's website you'll see the contributions that Oracle has made to the OSS community...

If you review all of their contributions you will see that they all lead back to Oracle products. I see their contributions on the same level as the Visual Studio Express versions that Microsoft offers. The independents will all die a slow death, which is sad because bringing them back via an OSS fork is always a slow to start process. Just look at and now Libre Office.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. But I think that this will make the Java community tighter and closer knit. Yes it does toss Java back about five to seven years, community / corporate wise, but I think the OpenOffice people are showing us all what the Netbeans, MySQL, Glassfish people will all eventually come to do, break ties with a company that refuses to work with the community and instead does the equal of food dumping into the open source community.

I will start posting more, I swear this time! We'll start slow, maybe twice a week?

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