Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Year, New Look, New Goal!

So it's a new year and I've changed the look of my Blogger account!

So I've also decided to realign my goal for info on this blog. The old stuff

will stay but I'm going to be better as keeping to one clear point, following it

through and not get side track too much.

I think it will be better overall this way.

SO! With that let's begin with the first topic.

JavaEE a broad view of what it is...

JavaEE is a collection of many different Java components to create a platform for server programming using Java (VM not language).

Basically it allows you to write software that will run and/or be distributed by servers running a JVM with the needed libraries. It is these libraries that separate JavaSE and JavaEE.

The platform is currently at version six but remember that the EE platform is a collection of components, each with their own version number.

Here is a quick table of some of the components in JavaEE 6. Now this is not a complete list, but this will cover the basics.






Provides a means for a Java Object to provide a web page

Java Server Pages (JSP)


Allows the creation of Servlets using HTML files and java code embedded in the HTML code (very much like PHP)

Java Server Faces (JSF)


Provides a standard MVC library to HTML pages

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)


Provides a means to encapsulate business logic and deploy that logic to clients

Java Persistence API (JPA)


Provides a standard persistence layer to databases and Object Relationship Mapping (ORM).

Again this is just a brief overview of all that is in JavaEE 6.

Next post will cover POJOs and Interfaces.


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