Sunday, May 20, 2012

Whoa! I'm not dead I swear!

I've been mostly silent on Blogger.  I've just not had enough time with all of the projects that get tossed at me at work...  Well since I was last posting to this site I have now come across a new pet project of mine.  TELNET!  Now I know, why would anyone want to study a protocol that has been replaced by better protocols?  The answer is to develop a tn5250 terminal for Android that is awesome!  I currently, don't know of any tn5250 terminal for Android so it would be cool to have one up on the market.  Obviously, it will be free of charge.  I just cannot imagine charging people for something that I hope to be really useful!

Right now I'm posting this to my blogger account via an Android app.  So as you can see, I'm really liking the Android platform, but I think that there is a huge lacking of the open source movement on Android.  Some apps on the market will have links to the source code, but not a lot.  So I'm really committed to getting this tn5250 emulator up on the market and finding somewhere to host the source code.

Okay so now, I bet you are thinking.  How hard can a telnet client be?  If you are thinking that it is just a text based protocol, then you'd be dead wrong.  There are indeed special control characters in the telnet protocol and there is even a binary mode!  Basic telnet doesn't use any of these, but tn5250 takes advantage of everything plus some that telnet has to offer.  So this should be interesting.

Expect over the coming months, for me to paste my musings about telnet here.

PS:  Since I'll be working in Java, I'll look at making a nice little tn5250 buffer reader targeted at people who want to screen scrap tn5250 streams.  No promise because I really want to focus on the tn5250 emulator for Android.


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