Monday, November 02, 2009

Holy smokes! Did you know it was November already?! Crap I've got so many car related things to get done it's not even funny.
  • Fix my car.  It's got a stuck open thermostat that makes the computer send P0126.  That's a you fail emissions error.
  • Inflate my freaking tires!  I usually am on top of this but the blasted air machines taunt me by accepting only quarters when I have a ton of dimes!  This also, by-the-way, sends a you fail emissions error.  In fact, every error on my car is a fail emissions error except low oil and low freon.  WTF?!
  • I turn an age evenly divisible by five this year.  That means that I have to pay to continue to keep my drivers license.  I don't really understand the point of this.  They don't require that you come in and have your eyes checked, your ability to drive checked, or anything that would ensure that you are still able to drive.  In lieu of all of that safety stuff they just want you to mail in a check and a form that ASSERTS that you still feel able to drive.
  • My son will be turning, an age that is a single number in binary, years old very soon.  I've so got to get planning and sending out invites done like it was yesterday.
  • I am so carpet bombing my friend's place.  He has consistently held the pieces of wood that I am using to make shelves for ransom.  He has until this Friday to return them, or I am getting 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene on his rear end.
See, this is what happens as you get older.  As a kid you loose track of time on a smaller scale, say minutes or even hours.  As an adult the same thing happens just on a larger scale, say days, months, seasons...  I guess it all just comes down to simply forgetting what year, century, millennium your currently in once you're ready to retire.

"What?! OH?!  Why are you grabbing me by the arms and dragging me out?!  What do you mean I retired seven years ago?! Let go of me right... oh forget it, I need a nap."

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